On Friday, March 11, at the University of Vermont’s Gutterson Field House, the Milton High School boys ice hockey team made history by winning their first state championship in 40 years! 

BFA Fairfax ice hockey players Teddy Munson, Zorion Seaman, and Braden Mathieu are members of this history-making team through the Vermont Principals Association Member to Member policy.  

The VPA Member to Member policy exists to allow athletes whose schools do not offer a particular sport to play on a nearby school’s team, if that team’s numbers allow.  Milton High School has been a longtime partner of BFA Fairfax through this policy, working together for over a decade providing opportunities for students from both schools to participate in boys and girls lacrosse, Nordic skiing, and ice hockey.  Our BFA/Lamoille Cooperative football team also began its existence as a Member to Member team with athletes from Lamoille, Peoples Academy and Stowe taking part over the years, ultimately leading to the cooperative team status we have today. Additionally, Rice Memorial High School has welcomed BFA Fairfax girls hockey players as members of their team in recent years.

Although their school days have been spent in a different location than their Milton teammates, Munson, Seaman and Mathieu are very much Yellowjackets on the ice. This was most evident in the championship game, when at one point as the Yellowjackets were battling back from a 3-0 deficit, Munson, who plays in goal, made a nearly impossible save and was rewarded with chants of “Ted-dy! Ted-dy! Ted-dy!” from the largest crowd of the year. 

Although Milton and Fairfax are longtime rivals in multiple sports, on that Friday night, when their athletes staged a seemingly impossible comeback, winning 4-3 in overtime against an undefeated team, the two communities became one, and shared equally in the pride, joy and championship memories only the magic of high school sports can create.  Congratulations Teddy, Zorion and Braden!  You have made our community so proud!

Geri Witalec-Krupa is the Director of Student Activities at BFA Fairfax. Geri is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow her @GLWit

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