On March 17, 2020, our experience at BFA Fairfax and in our greater world changed.  Little did we know that the duration and magnitude of our pandemic-altered world would extend for so long, and impact our lives even to this day. As I reflect on the time that has passed since that March day, one thing that stands out is how far we have come in the span of two years.  

During the Spring of 2020, the entire spring athletic season was canceled outright, all co-curriculars were shut down, and our student body was learning in a completely remote model.  One year later in 2021, we were celebrating positive steps toward “normalcy.” Those steps included being in school five days a week, masking becoming optional at outdoor athletic events (except for moderate and high contact sports), virtual performances of spring dramatic arts offerings, and purchasing bell covers and masks that allowed our students to play instruments and sing in groups. 

We have come so far since then, yet those “positive steps” feel like they were so minor, and so long ago.  We have so much to celebrate this spring, including our ongoing journey toward our “new normal.”  However, we continue to live in a time of differences in beliefs both locally and in our greater world. With everything happening around us, the one thing that will always bring us together is our students. 

Whether taking in a ball game, attending a concert, watching a drama performance, or being present at graduation, our students have the ever-present ability to unite us all.  Even in the most challenging of times, we can and should remain united through wanting the best for our students, their learning, their opportunities, and their overall well-being.  

So I encourage everyone to take a moment this spring, relax, and celebrate our students. Attend an ultimate frisbee match, head to a track meet, catch a foul ball at a baseball or softball game, cheer for a goal at a lacrosse game, tap your feet to the music at a concert, or take part in the excitement when next year’s Fall Musical is announced. Let’s reflect on how far we have come in the past two years, put our differences aside, and unite through our shared love for our community, and most importantly, our students. Because above all #WeAreBFAFairfax.

Geri Witalec-Krupa is the Director of Student Activities at BFA Fairfax. Geri is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow her @GLWit

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