This month, third grade students at Fletcher Elementary School took the SBAC test for the first time!  While this test can induce some anxiety and worries for some, all of our students approached this experience with grit and perseverance.  The SBAC test consists of four separate tests, a math and literacy computer adaptive test, as well as a math and literacy performance task.  Each test typically takes two test sessions of about an hour each to complete.  While there is no time limit for completing the test, many students do complete it in the time allotted, while others may take longer.  We strive to provide the most flexible and supportive environment for all students to be successful.  We have been extraordinarily proud of how our third graders have approached this new testing experience, each one putting in their best effort and demonstrating what they have learned!  

We have been fortunate to have beautiful weather this week and have tried to take advantage of some extra outside time after testing!

Aimee Toth is the Principal of Fletcher Elementary School and is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY.

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