“Keep putting one foot in front of the other and then one day you look back, and you’ve climbed a mountain.”  – Tom Hiddleston

Life can be like that. Grit, determination, persistence, dedication… and then, at some point, the mountain peak… with a thought-stopping view.

The kids of Fletcher Elementary experienced that this September. Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders—all of them—hiked Elmore Mountain.  At 2,608 feet high, the summit provides exceptional views of Lake Elmore and beyond.  Meanwhile, our second & third graders hiked Prospect Rock in Johnson, a rocky crag where Peregrine Falcons nest in Spring.  The foliage was peaking, the air was cool, and the other hikers were smiling as 30 eight and nine-year-olds came bouncing up the Long Trail.  But more than views and fall color, our kids persevered— a life-lesson as important to teach as math and reading.

Todd Rivver
Fletcher Elementary K-6 Principal

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