December was a busy month in all of our schools and it got away from us before we had the chance to recognize our Educators of the Month. Over the last two weeks, we were finally able to honor six FWSU educators who were nominated by students, families, and coworkers for their dedication to our students and schools.

The following teachers were recognized for their work in December:

Kristie French, BFA Kindergarten

She is amazing with the kids. As my son says “she’s like a cool mom who teaches us things”

Mitch Thayer, BFA MS Physical Education

He is incredibly consistent, aware and involved with his students both in and out of the gym/classroom.

Kelsey Fink, BFA HS Math

I can always count on Kelsey to help when I have questions not only about specific math questions but more recently with curriculum planning as well. This is my first time working with reorganizing/changing curriculum. While this was daunting for me, Kelsey has gone out of her way to offer support and I am privileged to have her as a resource and a colleague! I can only imagine the impact she has on her students!

Cassandra Gengras, Fletcher Art

She is extremely creative and patient with the children.

Morgan Devarney, GEMS PreK

Morgan has been my daughter’s teacher the last 2 years and we have been so grateful for her. Our daughter has grown in her independence and her speech. Anytime I have a question (which is often) she always has time and answers them all. Our daughter trusts and loves her which makes it easy for me to drop her off the 4 days she attends. This is our last year with her and will truly be sad we won’t have her again next year, she is the best!

Michelle Sarnowicz, GEMS Grade 5

She continues to be a great role model to the whole fifth grade team. She continuously puts her students’ needs first and finds inventive ways to best support them.

It’s great to be able to pop into a classroom and surprise the educator and their students with our recognition and thanks. We will get back on track with another round of trophies, certificates and gift cards (courtesy of each school’s parent organization) before the end of January. 

As always, we need your nominations to keep this process going! You can access the nomination form here or by visiting your school’s website and hitting the “FWSU Educator Recognition” button on the home screen.

Congratulations and thank you to our December FWSU Educators!

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