High School Spanish Novice students wrote simple children’s stories about an animal in Spanish as their culminating presentational writing assessment for Semester 1.

They had a fun time visiting Ms. Myers’ Grade 4 students and reading their animal stories to small groups of students.  They connected over excitement for the Spanish language during the visit.  They also were role models for the younger students.

Quotes from Grade 4:

 “Now I want to learn Spanish” -Brynn 

“I liked it. I liked that they said it in Spanish and English after” -Caelyn 

“It was pretty good! They made it interesting” -Rachel 

“I loved it! It was cool how the stories were in Spanish. I didn’t know a lot about Spanish” -Tucker 

“I am going to take Spanish in high school. I want to go to Spain” -Lyam 

Quotes from High School:

“A lot of kids want to learn Spanish now and are interested.” -Brooklyn 

“It was invigorating to write a story (in Spanish) and then share it.” -Sebastian 

“I was pretty cool that kids enjoyed Spanish and want to take it in the future.” -Gage 

Kerri Brien
MS/HS Spanish Teacher

Thank you to all of our contributors!

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