By Heather Weeks, BFA Fairfax Elementary Physical Education Teacher

Addresses all FWSU Action Plan Targets:

  • Proficiency-Based, Personalized Learning
  • Distributed Leadership and Student Agency
  • Safe, Equitable, Healthy, Flexible Learning Environments
  • Engaged Partners: Parents and Community

This January and February, BFA Elementary 3rd and 4th graders participated in the Nordic Rocks Program in their Physical Education classes. What is Nordic Rocks? The Nordic Rocks schools program is funded by the Share Winter Foundation and the Killington World Cup Foundation, and was developed to introduce children to the joy of cross-country skiing.

The program provides elementary school students with an opportunity to experience cross-country skiing during the school day and to learn the health and lifestyle benefits associated with exercise and outdoor fun.

The Nordic Rocks program is a three-way partnership between selected schools, their communities, and the New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA). NENSA provided BFA with a curriculum, resources, teaching support, and equipment acquisition. The Share Winter Foundation funded our school with 23 pairs of skis with adjustable bindings that fit the students’ winter boots.

Kait Miller, the Youth Program Director, visited our school to kick off the program and deliver the skis. Caitlin Smith, our high school Nordic coach, coordinated her high school Nordic team to assist in classes. 

Students were taught the basics of classic skiing – how to move around on skis, develop basic skills and techniques, and practice those skills through games and skiing on the groomed trail that had tracks laid as well for students to follow.

Most of our students had never cross country skied before and many had not ever been on a pair of skis. It was exciting to give them the opportunity to participate in a winter activity they can pursue for the rest of their lives. 

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