New Teachers Arrive!!

You know it is almost that “time” again when our new teachers arrive for summer inserivce. On Monday, 11 new teachers gathered together for the first time to spend a half-day learning about FWSU. The morning began with an overview of the FWSU vision and action plan led by Superintendent Ned Kirsch. Director of Instruction Mary Lynn Riggs and Support Services Director Kim Magnuson also spent time working with our new staff on issues ranging from FERPA to our evaluation system.


New FWSU Teachers (pictured left to right). Back: Victoria Minor (BFA Grade 3), Ben Psaros (BFA Grade 8 Social Studies), Juliet King (BFA K-8 Literacy Coach), Elizabeth Lamphere (FES Reading Specialist), Chris Palmer (BFA Grade 8 Science), Katie Sobin (BFA MS Guidance Counselor). Front: Matt Bresler (FES Grade 5/6), Kendra Myers (BFA Grade 4), Andrea Farrar (BFA Grade 3), Sheila Coughlin (FES Nurse), Lara Weis (FES Special Educator)

New teachers returned again Tuesday to partner and work with their mentor teachers. We are very excited to welcome a great new class of educators to our schools!

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