Off and Running!

The 2012/13 school has officially started for all faculty and staff of FWSU. This morning our school year began with a convocation led by district administration at BFA Fairfax. The newly-developed FWSU action plan was a focus of the morning presentation. Teachers John Tague, Denette Locke and Mary Fitzgerald presented a session for all teachers exploring the concepts presented in the Math Common Core. The enduring message is that “we are all teachers of mathematics.”

FWSU teachers learn more about Math Common Core.

This afternoon individual faculties met as groups to discuss and process a district-wide reading recommended by the FWSU professional development committee. The reading explored the personalization of education in the digital age that we now live.

John Tague and Denette Locke discuss the big ideas of the Math Common Core

Thursday and Friday teachers and staff will be meeting in their local schools preparing for the arrival of all of our students next Monday. We can hardly wait!!

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