Learning Joy from Our Youngest Students

One of this year’s main emphases highlighted by Superintendent Ned Kirsch during FWSU Inservice, is recapturing the joy in learning. Prekindergarten classrooms are often one of the most joyful places in a school.

Franklin West Supervisory Union is proud of its quality early education programs as part of our public school program.  Fletcher, Fairfax, and Georgia each offer two and three partial-day preschool programs for 3 and 4-year olds.

“As your child’s teacher, my primary goal is to nurture a sense of wonder, while laying a solid foundation for lifelong learning.”

FWSU preschools are play-based programs which use the Vermont Early Learning Standards as a framework of learning goals for preschool children.

Classrooms are designed for young learners. They are bright and inviting, with room for exploration and hands-on activities. Children benefit from facilitated play, language-rich experiences, and a range of quality literature, art and music opportunities each day that they attend preschool. Teachers work closely with parents to ensure that all children have a relaxed and joyful first-experience in school.

One thought on “Learning Joy from Our Youngest Students

  1. Just wondering…whose classroom is this? Glad to see an early ed post. That’s where it all begins, and we have a strong program in our district. Jenny Blackman


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