The Circus Comes to GEMS!

Vermont author Tanya Lee Stone came to GEMS in February to speak to 5th-8th graders about her writing process and her award-winning books.

After reading Sandy’s Circus in Mrs. Farrington’s class about American artist Alexander Calder and his traveling circus in a suitcase, 5th grade students were able to ask the author questions and find out how she wrote this wonderful book.

067 Feeling inspired, the students brought the playful energy and inspiration of Sandy’s Circus into their artistic practice!  Many thanks to the enrichment program for bringing Tanya Lee Stone to GEMS!

069 065

Students used found objects and craft materials creatively!


086 071

The circus is a source of inspiration for all ages!
Attention to detail is evident!
Color and movement makes the circus exciting!




Problem solving, critical thinking and planning is at work!

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