BFA Celebrates Pi Night!

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BFA recently hosted the first-ever Pi Night – a good reason to bring together families from the elementary for some fun math-related activities on a wintry Friday night. A variety of board games, card games, dice games, jigsaw puzzles, tangram puzzles, logic puzzles, and group games encouraged students and parents to play together!

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Special highlights included:

A Pi memorization contest, won by fifth grade student who was able to recite 47 digits of Pi!

A measuring contest for the tallest family – students measured each member of their family in unifix cubes and plotted their heights on a line plot graph.

photo 4

A spaghetti-tower building contest completed with plotted results.

photo 2 (2)

A scaling activity where each person enlarged a square to create a larger-than-life sketch of the birthday boy – Albert Einstein.

photo 7

The BFA Elementary Math Team (Julie Filiberti, Mary Fitzgerald, and Paula Thompson) hosted the evening with help and participation of the Grade 3-5 Math teachers.

photo 3

And of course, there was plenty to eat – pizza pie and apple pie! It was a fun night for all! 

photo 2

Some comments about BFA Pi Night:

“You should do this next year!”

“I think this was a great idea.”

“Do it again, please!”

“I thought this was fantastic! I will be stealing your ideas for my school!” (from a parent who works in another school)

“Love tying this fun to Pi Day.”

photo 4 (2)

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