Award-Winning Author Comes to GEMS

Target 1 –Student-Centered Learning: FWSU students will engage in personalize learning involving collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creative learning opportunities.

Action Step: Highlight, create and model innovative learning opportunities that promote collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creativity for students and staff.

Indicator of Success: Students and staff will create personalized learning networks to communicate and collaborate with others.

Georgia Middle School 7th graders just published a newspaper that they titled “Middle School Mania” for grades 5-8. The following article appeared in the News and Community section:



Tanya Lee Stone

Isabella Mackenzie and Tanya Lee Stone hold up books that Stone has written.

Tanya Lee Stone from Burlington, Vermont came to GEMS on February 7th and talked to different grades about her writing. She has been writing since before her oldest child was born, her oldest is now in 11th grade. She writes books about historic people who made a big difference in our world. For example, Amelia Earhart who was the first women to almost fly all the way around the world, but her plane disappeared in the Pacific Ocean. Also, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who was the first woman to stand up for women’s rights. These weren’t the only historic people she wrote about – there were many other books she wrote and not just about people but also the big events in history that happened.

Stone grew up with a house full of books and she was always reading. Her father was a professor of education and wrote science books for young children. She has always loved to read and write. When she grew up, she got a job working as an editor of children’s books. She also realizes that when you’re writing a book there is more than one perspective. “Everyone sees the world through his or her eyes,” says Stone while talking to the 7th grade.

In an interview Stone was asked, “What inspires you to write about a specific topic?” She  replied with an astonishing, “Filling in the missing pieces of history and shining a light on those people whose stories need to be told.” When she was writing Almost Astronauts she spent a week with the women from the book. She was asked what female astronaut stood out to her. Stone said, “Jerrie Cobb and Jerri Truhill.” She said this because these two women had two totally different personalities. Cobb was an introvert and Truhill was more of an extrovert.

TanyaStone_pressTanya Lee Stone is a very well-known author throughout GEMS. She writes many books that students use to learn things about our history and do research with. Stone is a very inspirational author who works toward her dreams and achieves them. She shows us that everyone sees the world through their own eyes and that we have to see different perspectives.

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