Target 3 – Flexible Learning Environments FWSU will maximize flexible learning environments by redefining the school day, promoting learning experiences that extend beyond the school classroom, and fostering creativity, innovation, and differentiated learning opportunities for all.

Action Step – Develop opportunities for students to collaborate, innovate, create and conceptualize in all learning settings

Indicator of Success – Staff, students and community embrace the digital, social, mobile and “always on” learning styles of 21st century students.


On September 16th, Mexican Independence Day, Kindergarteners at BFA investigated the rich, colorful culture of Mexico. Using Google Earth on the interactive SMART Board, Kerri Brien took groups of Kindergartners on a virtual journey to Mexico like migrating butterflies. Students left the four walls of their classroom in Fairfax and traveled virtually to Zócalo, the main square of Mexico City, Mexico. Using street view, students were able to visualize the city’s surroundings.

Zocalo 1

Next, students watched a multimedia presentation featuring the vibrant images of the Mexican celebration. Students were able to experience many aspects of the Mexican culture including sombreros, mariachi bands, traditional dress, and lighted buildings (red, green, and white). Based on these observations, students were then able to make connections to their own American Independence Day celebration on the Fourth of July. Students were able to compare the two cultures traditions, noting similarities like parades and fireworks. They also were able to identify differences including activities and food.

MJS Mexican, nws, sears, 5

As students continued their inquiry of Spanish cultures, they focused on the colors and  design of the Mexican Flag. Using this knowledge, students were then able to create their own Mexican flags to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day as a class.

Viva Mexico

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