Target 3 – Flexible Learning Environments.   FWSU will maximize flexible learning environments by redefining the school day, promoting learning experiences that extend beyond the school classroom, and fostering creativity, innovation, and differentiated learning opportunities for all.

Action Step –Develop opportunities for students to collaborate, innovate, create and conceptualize in all learning settings.

Indicator of Success – Use of digital tools to differentiate and individualize learning.

BFA Elementary School students have the opportunity to engage in a flexible lunch by requesting a “Principal Pass” from BFA Elementary Principal Tom Walsh. This pass allows these young students to spend their lunchtime in the principal’s office with 15-20 peers as they engage in conversation while utilizing educational digital tools.

photo3The spirit of collaboration is evident when you observe the interactions and listen to the questions that students discuss while sharing digital devices. Principal Tom Walsh welcomes the students with a “Welcome Friends” and creates a sense of belonging that makes these students feel alive and well.


If you reflect on your own educational experiences, would spending your lunchtime in the Principal’s office have been a positive for you? For these students, having lunch with their Principal is the best!


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