bfacode1On Monday after school, twenty middle school students began a new club designed to allow students to further learn about coding. The club will teach students how to create games, design animation, and other interactive applications. Students will use design thinking and logic to translate ideas into working applications. The Coding Club will allow students to apply math and science concepts through developing problem solving and debugging skills to complete a variety of challenges.


Students will be using several coding applications such as Hopscotch, Scratch Jr. and Tickle. All three allow students to design interactive games and apps, program robots, and create animation.


The students shared that they were interested in participating in this club because they enjoyed: “solving problems, creating new things, collaborating with friends, learning about gaming, and challenging themselves.”  If the first session is any indication, students will be engaged in all the above!


Target 1. Proficiency-Based Personalized Learning: FWSU students and staff design and engage in proficiency-based personalized learning that integrates collaborative inquiry, problem solving, and creativity.

Indicator of Success for this Target: Students and staff create original works as a means of personal or group expression.

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