On Thursday, February 4th, BFA Fairfax Middle and High School Students hosted nationally-renowned speaker and author, Ed Gerety


Ed Gerety is one of the top professional youth speakers and leadership trainers in the United States, and is an annual keynote speaker at the Vermont Student Athletic Leadership Conference held each November. 


Through his personal experiences, inspirational stories, and powerful lessons, Ed teaches the life skills that are essential for youth to develop as leaders in school and in life, including respect, character, gratitude, leadership, attitude, and making a difference.


Through interactive middle and high school presentations, BFA students were challenged to “own their greatness” while demonstrating respect, kindness, and appreciation for those around them.  


Many students took part in presentation activities that ranged from placing a call to say “I love you” to an important person in their life, to larger group challenges that tested and brought students and staff beyond perceived limitations.  


At the completion of his day at BFA, Ed spent time hearing personal stories from students, sharing words of wisdom and encouragement, and handing out copies of his book “Combinations: Opening the Door to Student Leadership“.


Students and staff alike were inspired and motivated by Ed’s message, with many students already asking if and when we could have him return as a speaker in the future. BFA Fairfax is extremely fortunate to have had this opportunity, and we look forward to the ripple effect of our entire middle and high school student body demonstrating their new-found “greatness.”

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