On the last Friday of January, students at GEMS were regaled with the sound of A Cappella music. Traveling from southern Vermont and New Hampshire, the Honeymooners led three performances for fifth, sixth and seventh grade students. The group, composed of two married couples, entertained as well as educated students in the nuances of unaccompanied harmony singing. They performed music ranging from barbershop to rock and roll. Students asked great questions about performance technique and vocal production.


In addition to the performances, the group also led a workshop for seventh and eighth grade students in chorus which included an introduction to barbershop harmony singing and harmonizing by ear.

It was a great day for music at GEMS as students were given the opportunity to hear and interact with a musical style that they may have only ever heard on recordings or watched on television.

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2 thoughts on “A Cappella Music Comes to GEMS

  1. Katie absolutely loved this performance and was so excited to tell me all about it!! Thank you for providing such great experiences for our children!!

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