Many years ago, Winter Carnival was an annual event that brought the school together for fun and competition to break up the winter doldrums. With new advisors Fred Griffin and Katherine McElroy, BFA’s Student Council has focused on student leadership and service to the school community.

bullets1One of the early ideas that students proposed was to bring back the Winter Carnival. Students began planning the Winter Carnival and presented their initial plans to the principal in October.


With the concept approved, the student leaders, Julia, Klaire, Lilian, and Eli, began to plan in earnest. They checked in regularly with their advisors, the principal, and their fellow students. Teachers were recruited to supervise different activities, schedules were created and signups and rules were posted.


Today, after all of the planning, is the start of Winter Carnival! Class schedules were adjusted to allow for a block of time at the end of each day for activities. Every day, the students will have the opportunity to participate in an indoor activity, an outdoor activity or a craft activity. Monday’s options were Dodge Ball, a sled race (in spite of the lack of snow!), and snowflake making.


Activities will continue throughout the week and culminate with a three point shootout and the tug of war on Friday. The Student Council is also sponsoring the Winter Ball on Saturday to wrap up the week in style.

bullets2“It’s been lots of fun to work with our enthusiastic student leaders to revive this tradition. I look forward to connecting with and having fun with students and faculty this week.” ~ Student Council Advisor Katherine McElroy


“I’m hoping that Winter Carnival helps students to realize that the Student Council wants to organize fun activities for them. I hope it’s successful. It’s a new experience for all of us!” ~ Julia, Winter Carnival Organizer

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