On the night of Wednesday, December 7, the BFA Fairfax High School athletic community welcomed Mr. William Harris to the annual winter sports parent/athlete night.


On an evening typically reserved for addressing athletic requirements, regulations, and procedures, Mr. Harris provided an energy-filled change, directing his words and passion toward student-athletes, parents, and coaches alike.


Mr. Harris is a renowned motivational speaker who travels the country sharing his passion for the athletic experience with numerous high schools and colleges ranging from nearly every high school in Vermont, to the likes of the University of Virginia and University of Florida.  A former All-American basketball player himself, Mr. Harris provides a point-blank personal perspective as a coach, parent and athlete.


Focusing on the different roles of players, coaches, and parents as part of the athletic experience, Mr. Harris outlined how each of them are a crucial part of creating a positive culture and successful athletic programs in our school community.  Parents were challenged to be supportive of all students while at home or in the stands, coaches were challenged to create a holistic K-12 program culture, while student-athletes were challenged to focus on “team” before “me”, and reminded that the Fairfax name on the front of their uniform or jersey, is far more important than the individual name that may be printed on the back.


Thanks to the positive energy demonstrated by all, we are confident that the upcoming winter season will be one where the entire BFA Fairfax athletic community “Makes That Change.”

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