What do classroom teachers, guidance counselors, behavioral support, ELL, and school nurses from across FWSU have in common that would bring them together for a two-day inservice?  A dedicated interest in the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model that emphasizes a collaborative, integrated approach to learning and health for all children.  


During the two days, the group focused on the Family Engagement component of the model, along with the Social and Emotional Climate component.

Members of this Institute included:

  • Bonnie Poe, Facilitator/FWSU Prevention & Wellness Coordinator
  • Penny Aceto, Classroom Teacher
  • Dave Buckingham, Guidance Director
  • Melissa Fisher, Middle School Guidance Counselor
  • Courtney Foley, Elementary Guidance Counselor
  • Cindy Little, Elementary Guidance Counselor
  • Tara McMahon, School Nurse
  • Erika Merrell, ELL Teacher
  • John Rowell, Special Educator
  • Lisa Wilkins, Classroom Teacher

Although the third day for their next inservice together isn’t until March, they have already agreed to create a group communication dialogue to share their work and a request to meet for half a day to continue their work.

Both parents and teachers might want to check out one of the many websites that were used as resources during this inservice: http://behaviordoctor.org/for-parents/.

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