Last Friday, BFA hosted one of our best events, Coffee House. Coffee Houses are held fairly regularly throughout the year and are exhibitions of student talent at our school.


The thing that makes the Coffee House so unique is that they are totally student driven. BFA teacher Sara Villeneuve serves as faculty advisor for the group, but students plan, market, produce, set up, host, and clean up the whole event. They share their talents and yes, they even make coffee and sell baked goods.


At this month’s event, students played the ukulele, sang songs, recited poetry, and performed as bands. There was a magic act, a bottle flipper, and a guitar battle. Some students perform at every Coffee House. There are also a few teachers and community members that perform as well.  Every month, a new student will decide to share their talent and this month was no exception. It’s amazing to see the hidden talents that so many of our students have.

“I was really nervous, but once I started singing, I loved it. I can’t wait until next month.” – Rebekah F, student and new performer

While Coffee House is a school sponsored event, it involves the Fairfax community as well. This month’s audience was a mix of students, parents and other local supporters of the arts.


Coffee House started about six years ago. It has continued in spite of graduations and transitions of teacher advisors because the students are the leaders of the organization and they continually groom the “next generation” of leaders. If you haven’t attended a BFA Coffee House, make it a point to attend the next one.

“Coffee House continues to grow in popularity for both the audience and performers. Even with 20+ members of the Coffee House staff, it takes a huge effort to pull it all together. ” – Sara Villeneuve, teacher advisor


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