Last week, the BFA High School Band performed for a packed crowd in the Richard A Brown Gymnasium. While a band concert is a fairly regular occurrence at BFA and other high schools across the country, this concert was another sign of the resurgence of the arts at BFA.

When Ian Flint took over as band director in the Fall of 2015, the high school band had 9 members. Through Ian’s leadership, expertise, and planning the band has nearly doubled in size since that time.

Students are enjoying robust band offerings.

The band meets three mornings a week at 7:30 AM (nearly an hour before the rest of the students start their school day). Flint has started a jazz band that meets one morning a week. His eight-year plan includes a marching band and a pep band.

“I have a vision, I know what this can be, I constantly adjust to make it work and very soon if we keep on this path we will have the “model program” for Vermont. We’re halfway through year 2. I said 8 years to make it happen, and we’re right on track.” – Ian Flint, BFA Band director

Looking strictly at the numbers, BFA’s band is still fairly small. If we look further at the dedication and musicianship of the band members since Flint took over, the growth is immeasurable. Combine that spirit with the newly developed elementary band of 50+ students and the future looks bright for the continued growth of the BFA band program.

The crowd that attended last week’s concert was definitely impressed with the sound and the vision. Take a moment to listen to one of the evening’s selections and you’ll surely join our excitement for BFA’s High School Band.

2 thoughts on “BFA Celebrates a Resurgence of the Arts

  1. Mr. Flint should be commended for the success he has earned with his students. Their growth as musicians is directly a result of their respect for Mr. Flint’s ability to teach. What a great program for the students as well as the audience. As a parent of his students, I am grateful. Thank you!

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