This week Georgia Elementary School students have been participating in a six day Winter Olympics where they were challenged to get involved in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.  As their classrooms accomplished a specific challenge points were earned and accumulated on a daily basis.  The classrooms with the most points earned on Thursday, 2/16/22 will receive the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal.  

Each day held a new classroom leader as they worked to attain more points.  Every activity completed earned a point and the classroom goal was to immerse yourselves in team building activities that help to establish trust, relationships and new friendships.  Challenges centered around active play, problem solving activities, and community service. 

See this video for  today’s results and fun!

Here are the categories:

Explore the Outdoors

  • Take a walk on the walking path 
  • Borrow snowshoes from Mr. Allard and go outside to explore 
  • Identify three types of trees on the school property 
  • Build a working sundial in the snow 
  • Identify three different animal tracks 
  • Take a photo of an animal in the snow 
  • Sit quietly in the bird sanctuary and observe the birds 
  • Visit the Buddy Bench 
  • Practice your favorite yoga pose outside 

Snow Play

  • Build a snow creature 
  • Catch a snowflake on your tongue 
  • Make a snow angel
  • Sled down a hill 
  • Build a snow fort 
  • Throw snowballs at the disc golf goal.  Can you get it in?
  • Write GEMS in the snow with your feet/snowshoes 
  • Practice writing your sight words or letters in the snow 


  • Create a Mascot Character profile (It could be a labeled drawing, story, list of characteristics, etc. ) 
  • Write a poem, song or story about winter 
  • Make a paper snowflake 
  • Create your own jigsaw puzzle from a winter picture 
  • Draw a map of the school 
  • Create and play a handmade board game 
  • Create a video of a touchdown dance 
  • Create your OWN activity

Hunker Down

  • Play a board game  
  • Have a read-in 
  • Virtually visit a zoo, aquarium, museum 
  • Do yoga or GoNoodle in your classroom 
  • Show another type of brain break your class does 
  • Make a puzzle 
  • Work together as a class to calculate how many points you could earn if you completed everything on the list 

Give Back

  • Compost your food waste 
  • Use recycled materials to create something 
  • Write and mail a thank you note to a local first responder or other essential worker 
  • Pick up litter you see on the playgrounds 
  • Donate to the food shelf or other local charity 
  • Write a thank you note to someone in the school.  Think about people who often work behind the scenes (cafeteria, janitors, administration, nurses, etc.) 

Steve Emery is the Elementary Principal of Georgia Elementary Middle School. He is a regular contributor to THE FWSU STORY. You can follow him @Emery_Gems.

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