The Fairfax school woods give students a place to be active and observe nature. This past fall, the high school life science classes surveyed the woods in search of squirrel middens (the pinecone waste and storage structures built by red squirrels to keep themselves fed through the winter).

A particular hillside caught the students’ attention as it had a network of holes and a few chewed pinecones. The fire of curiosity was lit, and students were eager to learn more about our woodland neighbors. Many of them had previous experience using trail cameras and several offered to provide one for the class.

Principal Noonan brought the concept to Superintendent Tague and we were approved for a trail cam!

Our thanks to BFA’s Madame Torraca for the use of her family’s camera. Enjoy the wildlife!

The den entrance with glove for sizing perspective
Fox Patrol
Fox Mark

Red Squirrel

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