iPads Arrive at BFA High School

Tuesday night was big night for our 10th grade students and their families at BFA Fairfax. Each student picked up their iPad to use for the school year! The iPads at BFA will now be in the hands of all students in grades 6-10. Students in all other grades will have access to iPads as well. In addition, all students will continue to have access to other types of technology throughout the day.

iPad night at BFA!

This is the second year for extensive iPad use in the district. Last year all students in grades 6-7 had an iPad for the school year. The iPads can provide for a much richer learning experience for students in the digital age in which we now live. Both GEMS and FES are also implementing iPads into the classroom. All students grade 6-8 at GEMS, and 5-6 at FES will also have 1:1 access to iPads this year.

GEMS teachers working on implementation during Inservice.

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