We are very excited to announce a new FWSU Virtual Art Gallery displaying works by  students, which is set to launch October 3rd!

The idea was born when a GEMS sixth grader created a moving work commemorating 9/11, which was posted on our Facebook page. The positive feedback and interaction that emerged brought about the realization that a digital platform could effectively highlight and promote our young artists – making their works visible to the broader community beyond the classroom.

Art Teachers from across the district will select exemplary works of art designed and created by their own students. Each week, several of these works will be featured and then stored in the Gallery for parents and community members to experience and enjoy.

We invite you to follow us on Facebook and support the great work of our young artists!

3 thoughts on “New Virtual Gallery to Display Student Artwork

  1. Will there be something set up for literary arts? Our Poetry and sHort Story class holds two k-8 poetry and short story contests, one at the end of each semester and published “Genesis” a Iterary magazine from student work.


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