Welcome Hannah Welburn to FWSU’s Central Office!

Hannah has recently joined our office on October 10th and she graciously sat down for a quick interview.  We are excited to introduce Hannah Welburn, our new Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Director of Curriculum! What are some details about your role at FWSU? Right now I’m learning the ropes and everyone has been … Continue reading Welcome Hannah Welburn to FWSU’s Central Office!

Accepting A “Different” Normal

Thomas WalshBFA Principal, PreK-4 Addresses all FWSU Action Plan Targets:1. Proficiency-Based, Personalized Learning2. Distributed Leadership and Student Agency3. Safe, Equitable, Healthy, Flexible Learning Environments4. Engaged Partners: Parents and Community We have experienced a positive start to our school year at BFA Fairfax. It has been wonderful to return back to school and re-engage with our … Continue reading Accepting A “Different” Normal

Proud Principal: A GEMS Tradition

It has been a long standing tradition in Grades K-4 for students to be recognized by their teachers and Principal Emery.  On Tuesday, October 11th several students were recognized for their respectful behavior they demonstrated during the month of September. Awards are given out by Principal Emery (and Mrs. Fisher, Dean of Students) during their … Continue reading Proud Principal: A GEMS Tradition

Fletcher Students Hit the Trails

"Keep putting one foot in front of the other and then one day you look back, and you've climbed a mountain."  – Tom Hiddleston Life can be like that. Grit, determination, persistence, dedication... and then, at some point, the mountain peak... with a thought-stopping view. The kids of Fletcher Elementary experienced that this September. Fourth, fifth, and … Continue reading Fletcher Students Hit the Trails

Mandarin in Fairfax!

Beginning last year, Principal Noonan and I, in partnership with Spiral International, began a grant application process to fund and bring a native-speaking Mandarin-Chinese Language instructor to Fairfax. You may remember our announcement that we had won the grant late in the spring of 2021.   After an extensive vetting process and working through logistics, we … Continue reading Mandarin in Fairfax!

Tod Granger – FWSU Director of Buildings and Grounds

Keeping every aspect of all three of our schools in working order is no easy feat. It requires a vast amount of knowledge (about plumbing, carpentry, air quality, water quality, playgrounds, and routine maintenance…), dedication, and connection to resources when they are needed. FWSU is fortunate to have Tod Granger as our Director of Buildings … Continue reading Tod Granger – FWSU Director of Buildings and Grounds

Inspiring and Encouraging the Growth of Each Student

In early August, principals, superintendents, curriculum directors, and other central office leadership attended the Vermont Principals Association Retreat in Killington.  There were many inspiring keynote speakers, but one that made a particular impact on Franklin West's leadership was Principal Kafele.  “As a middle and high school principal, Principal Kafele led the transformation of four New … Continue reading Inspiring and Encouraging the Growth of Each Student